Your 1st Session

Your first appointment will consist of you receiving an intake assessment.

It is best to arrive at your intake appointment at least 10 minutes prior to appointment time.

When you enter the office suite, you will see a waiting room area where you can sit until I come out to greet you.

You will be handed a set of intake forms ( you can also complete them prior to your session and bring them with you, please see below).

I will then review your intake forms and bring you into my office. The intake assessment can last up to 60 minutes.

The intake assessment consists of questions about your presenting problem, your symptoms, past history of symptoms, hospitalizations, medications, physical health, family, education, and work information.

Upon the end of the intake, we will establish our plan for future sessions and possible goals to consider working towards.

Intake forms

Pre intake form

informed-consent update

Insurance agreement

Fee agreement

cancellation-policy update

authorization to release


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