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We all deal with worries and fears, and it can be very frustrating when the worries will not go away.

Riley’s Worry Away is my first book in a brand new series of children’s books dedicated to issues that children often face.

In  Riley’s Worry Away , we follow the main character Riley and the difficult time she is facing with worrying. This book is a useful tool to teach your child about how they can conquer their worries and not allow worry to control them.

After reading this book, children ages 5-8 will be able to understand the concept of worry and learn how to best deal with their worries.

Facts about Childhood Anxiety

  • Excessive worrying is a symptom of childhood anxiety
  • Preschoolers displaying symptoms of anxiety, often continue to experience anxiety years later
  • Over 2 million children ages 6-17 have been diagnosed with anxiety disorders in the US
  • Childhood anxiety is often misdiagnosed with ADHD
  • Parents are often unaware of the signs of childhood anxiety

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